30 Luxury Cars Iringi Marcell Darwin Towards Premier ‘MISS CALL’

30 Luxury Cars Iringi Marcell Darwin Towards Premier ‘MISS CALL’
June 19, 2017 dfm
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Jakarta – As a form of support for national cinema, one of Europe’s leading luxury car manufacturers has revealed two newest thriller stars MISS CALL, Marcell Darwin and Susan Sameh, as Mercedes Benz W211 brand ambassadors.
Not only that, they will be accompanied by the latest luxury car of this German manufacturer when promoting the movie MISS CALL. “Later (28/4) at 9 pm there is a new movie premier titled MISS CALL, all the same work with club Mercy, convoy from SCBD to Epicentrum all promo,” said Marcell when met at SCBD area last night.
There are about 30 cars that will accompany Marcell promoting the thriller film collaboration Eagle Entertainment Hollywood and Digital Film Media. “Today is probably just a convoy from SCBD to Epicentrum, and next day we have an event donating to an orphanage,” Marcell said.
MISS CALL is Marcell’s 6th film during a career in the entertainment world. He plays the role of a man who is crazy about a sweet girl named Mita played by newcomer, Susan Sameh.
“So Viktor, he is crazy about Mita, my love is rejected, I try hard to get his heart,” he said. Although different genre with the previous films, thriller film that is not a horror genre is still giving him a challenge.
Yesterday had circulated a photo similar to Marcell Darwin was making out with a woman who allegedly is Susan Sameh. Marcell does not even know anything about it. “I just heard it, do not see the picture, oh, my girlfriend will be angry hahahaha,” closed Marcell.
Source: kapanlagi.com