Acting in the movie ‘Halu’, Dea Ananda Not Satisfied

Acting in the movie ‘Halu’, Dea Ananda Not Satisfied
June 6, 2017 dfm
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JAKARTA – Former little artist, Dea Ananda has returned to the big screen after 8 years of vacuum. The movie ‘Halu’ becomes the turning point for Dea’s return in acting. Even Dea has not felt quite satisfied for her acting in the movie Shanker RS.

“I’m not satisfied because I can not judge my own acting, so I return to the community to rate,” said Dea Ananda at the Halu Premier Galaxy Film, Planet Hollywood, South Jakarta, Tuesday (2/6/2015).

In the movie ‘Halu’, Dea melakoni role as Hani who is the older brother of Lisna (Nabel Mahadewi). “I as a naughty sister, want to revenge with his friend, but instead finally got his sister too, dizzy himself,” he said.

Dea managed to prove her acting ability in a film that tells about the limits of reality and hallucination. “Because the title Hallucinations would ya the story between conscious and baseball,” said the wife of Ariel Nidji this.

Although it has long been a vacuum, but Dea did not find much trouble when having to play the movie again. The movie ‘Halu’ is different from other horror. “I like the same story, there is a moral message too, enthusiast really play here.Can be together with the others finally get chemistry too,” he said.

Dea Ananda is well aware if she was born from the world of drag votes. Dea hopes in the future she can align her career in acting and drag votes. “From the first run both ways, hopefully it can still be in the future, if difficulties still, just wrote,” closed Dea.