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Jenny’s father passed away. The news shocked all the families. At TPU Jeruk Purut, the funeral process went smoothly without any obstacles, but … there was something wrong after they returned to their homes….

Gunung Kawi

Ryan, 17, is deeply concerned about Drajat (46), whose father, who has been in recent days, exhibiting strange, terrible, and embarrassing behavior. Sometimes Drajat looks angry on something that does not seem real. Diet that deviates, such as eating soil, eating leather for but the fruit baseball, and speak for themselves. Just like stressful people….

8 Hari Menaklukan Cowo

Gilang (Rangga Azof) is a man who admired women. Surprisingly from all the girls who are excited with her, there is only one girl who ignores her that is Reta (Angelica Simperler). Reta friends with three friends, namely Firza (Fita Anggriani), Dirly (Marcell Darwin) and Lala (Regina Rengganis)…

Dilarang Masuk..!

Schools are stirred up with the disappearance of Lisa, the new student who tends to be quiet. Adit who saw Lisa last time upstairs at school, plans to make a mission to find Lisa with her five his staff each of which has a different character.


Lisna an orphan who felt lonely after completing a vocational school, was determined to go to Jakarta to meet her only brother Hani who had long since parted company with him.

Miss Call

MITHA a teenage girl who loves horror things, a girl who has a high creativity that designs many things that can make other people who enter the room spontaneously creeps in fear. One thing he often does when being spared is to scare people, one of them is to miss someone else and then scare the person when the person calls him….

Main Dukun

What a surprise to Layla, when the spirit of Santet’s grandmother who was imprisoned in an antique mirror that she was about to steal revealed her form. The Spirit of Grandmother offers wily science to Layla if she is willing to free Spirit of Santet from the mirror. The offer was accepted by Layla….

Fobia Malam Pertama

The movie tells the tale of Asyraf and Zaty. Zaty is afraid to fall in love as she believes that because of a dark curse on her family when she falls in love and gets married she will die after giving birth to her first child….


Any circumstances in this life may be acceptable to Fahmi with a graceful chest, but not with the death of Rania, a wife he greatly loves. Rania was killed by a collapsed building debris during an earthquake where it was witnessed by Fahmi….

Taman Lawang

Taman Lawang is a horror-comedy horror film that tells about the hardness of transvestites in Taman Lawang who are forced to sell themselves for economic reasons. The film aired simultaneously throughout theaters in Indonesia from 7 November 2013 and starred Olga Syahputra and Nikita Mirzani. Director Aditya Gumai and Executive Producer Asye Berti Saulina took months just to convince Olga Syahputra to be willing to act in this movie….

Rumah Bekas Kuburan

Karina never knew that Larasati was Danu’s rightful wife. Because of economic crush, Karina would be invited to marry by Danu. After several days of marriage, Larasati came bumping into Danu and Karina in a house they had just bought. Larasati went berserk, but Danu’s power was stronger. Larasati was thrown and hit his son….

Mati Muda Di Pelukan Janda

Rahmat, a high school graduate but unable to continue his studies to college because he has no cost. Since the age of 7 years he was orphaned and appointed by the Flower Mba aka Mas Bambang owner of the salon “Mawar”. Although living with a sissy but Grace grows into a smart man, good, soleh and filial….