HALU, First Film Nabel Mahadewi

HALU, First Film Nabel Mahadewi
May 28, 2015 dfm
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HALU, The First Film of Nabel Mahadewi

JAKARTA – HALUsinasi became the first film Annisa Nabila or more familiarly called Nabel “Mahadewi”. The artist who just plunged in the movie world of this country to tell her first experience while acting in the film HALUsinasi.
“I feel a little kesulitas while acting, because maybe it baseball used to acting,” he said during a press conference film HALUsinasi at Popular Mansion Thursday, May 28, 2015.
Nabel is one of Ahmad Dhani’s Republic of Love Management singers who belong to the Mahadewi group. However, the singer who has this wet hoarse voice feels grateful. Despite initially feeling ashamed, his role as innocent and innocent village boy went well and smoothly.
“Although initially a little trouble, but alhamdulillah everything is smooth. I’m a Sundanese, so just help me, “she said.
When asked how he deepened his hallucinatory acting, he also admitted that he did not find it difficult to do so. This long-haired girl claimed to have had a previous mystical experience so that when acting fear and hallucinating, he tried to recall the mystical experience.
“I’ve seen magical creatures directly. While acting I try to imagine, it. Alhamdulillah, that’s very help ful.
Not only Nabel “Mahadewi”, the film directed by Boy Rano is also starring other stars, such as Dea Ananda, Unang, and Julian Kunto.