Jeruk Purut Reborn’s Ghost Guaranteed More Scary than Previous Movies

Jeruk Purut Reborn’s Ghost Guaranteed More Scary than Previous Movies
September 29, 2017 dfm
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The horror movie “Hantu Jeruk Purut Reborn” promises something different than the “Hantu Jeruk Purut” released in 2006. The movie directed by Koya pagayo is intended for the current generation.

“We are proud to bring back the famous urban legend in the community,” said the producer, Shankar RS, during the gala premiere of the movie “Hantu Jeruk Purut Reborn” at XXI Epicentrum Walk, South Jakarta, on Wednesday (12/9) night.

Not until there, the players in the previous movie also returned to take part, such as Sheila Marcia and Angie “Virgin”. Their involvement becomes another different treat in the film that carries the story of the urban legend.

“Obviously the special presence of Angie Yulia and Sheila Marcia has not changed at all, still the same as 10 years ago, the old players get together again and they miss shooting again,” he said.

Shankar promised, horror movie genre will present horrors that have never existed in the previous movie. All of it is built more natural without relying on excessive visual effects.

“We’re shooting more in the cemetery, but there’s a lot more CGI, visual effects are there, but baseball is a lot.We built the atmosphere more frightening than ever before, with a lot of sound effects,” he said.

Sheila Marcia who returned to be cast as the main character in this film reveals the challenge. Yes, although had starred in previous films in 2006 ago, Sheila feel challenged again playing for this movie. Therefore, the success ever achieved in the previous film to be a great burden to bear.

“I think it’s a tough challenge 10 years to play here, it should be more mature, more all out than before, that’s what I think,” Sheila Marcia said.

Intrigued by the story? Watch the movie “Hantu Jeruk Purut Reborn” itself which starts airing September 14, 2017.