Marcell Darwin enthusiastically plays in ‘Miss Call’ movie

Marcell Darwin enthusiastically plays in ‘Miss Call’ movie
June 19, 2017 dfm
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JAKARTA – The latest film directed by Irwan Siregar, ‘Miss Call’ hook young actor Marcell Darwin. Marcell admitted very enthusiastic in the movie genre suspense thriller. This is the first time for Marcell to play a character in a film that has a nervous feel, but does not make the audience surprised.

The movie ‘Miss Call’ will release on April 23, 2015. Marcell’s first experience in the thriller genre made him challenged. “If you play the genre thriller, it’s the first time and I feel challenged,” said Marcell Darwin during the prescreen of the movie ‘Miss Call’, at Popular Mansion, Menara Global, South Jakarta (6/4/2015).

In the movie ‘Miss Call’, Marcell collided acting with a talented young actress, Susan Sameh. “I act as Viktor, his character is really like Mitha who held Susan Sameh, to get carried away dreams how to get Mitha, but there are many obstacles,” said Marcell.

According to Marcell, the story in the movie ‘Miss Call’ is different from the movie most. Marcell also confirmed if the audience will be made to think to solve the mystery in the film. “I’m interested because the story in this movie is like a murder story, which finds out who the killer is.The story to the end also do not know who killed,” said the actor born August 5, 1990.

Marcell, who has starred in a series of FTV titles, stated that each genre of film has a different level of difficulty. For him, the role in the movie ‘Miss Call’ has its own level of difficulty. “All the genres of the film have their own difficulties, if horror is more fearful expression, if drama is more faithful, if in this thriller my position plays a mysterious figure, Genrenya exciting hell, let the audience who think aja end of story,” said Marcell.

Not the first time for Marcell Darwin to star in a movie. Previously, Marcell had been asked to star in the movie ‘Lawang Sewu’, Sumpah Pocong in School ‘, and’ Sister Shampoo 2 ‘.The man of Makassar-Germany descent admitted to enjoying his role in the movie’ Miss Call ‘.Marell is also optimistic if later this film Will give different nuance to the world of film Indonesia.