Production Management

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We provides a full range of services that will facilitate your production needs. Our local “know how” cuts costs by eliminating bureaucracy and makes the impossible, POSSIBLE! No matter what your needs are we will meet them. Contact us to discover how our professionalism will save you time and money.

If we don’t have the required location on file, we can send out a scout to find it!!

What we do:
• research, location archives, location scouting (stills & DV), casting, management, planning, budgets, payroll
• breakdown of your script in Movie Magic or Gorilla software camera’s (cine, video, stills), lights, grips, props, camera cars, helicopters, etc.
• crew (all technical crew plus make-up, hair, styling, wardrobe
• set building and set dressing, striking, props, smoke & rain machines
• cranes, dollies, tracking vehicles, helicopters with stabilizing mounts (Wescam / Tyler), boats, waverunner, divers.
• tape and film stock, Lab services / telecine
• casting actors/models, extras and specials
• Casting
• Van and Car rentals
• Equipment rental
• Experienced bi-lingual crew
• Full production service
• Hotel bookings
• Insurance
• Location scouting
• Permits
• Talent
• Location management
• Lighting rental
• Medical assistance
• Special effects
• Stunt people
• Trained animals
• On site catering
• Props sourcing
• Sponsoring
• Branded content solution for tv programme