Sweet Girl Thieves Attention In Film ‘MISS CALL’

Sweet Girl Thieves Attention In Film ‘MISS CALL’
June 19, 2017 dfm
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JAKARTA – Introduce, this sweet girl named Susan Sameh. Although only 18 years old, Susan has missed the lead role in the thriller, MISS CALL, produced by Eagleclaw Entertainment Hollywood & Digital Film Media. No wonder many are squeamish with Susan’s fast-paced career.

“It must be a lot of squeaky because I’m a new kid, just about a week into management but get fortune to be the main actor in the movie MISS CALL.It’s a fortune from God and maybe I’m right when it plays it,” he said during a visit to Kapanlagi office. Com® in Tebet area, South Jakarta, Thursday (16/4).

There was a unique experience when he underwent the casting of MISS CALL movie. “I tuh fitting casting first dateng but I ask for casting at the very end, I want to dii the character first.If I can not just get the role, I’m happy and proud, not in vain my efforts,” he said .

Because of his success, he immediately contacted the mother. “Yeah I just said mommy and he is proud of me .. From small tuh I do not like to follow mamma say From the small I really like modeling I say to mami let me believe me I ask mami to not forbid me to Jakarta and love trust. I’m proud to see his son playing movies in Jakarta, he’s in Bandung, “he said telling how the mammy blessed his departure to Jakarta.

Susan was finally filming this thriller and still can not believe the results of his acting. “Initially I do not believe it, because it has been playing in soap operas (COWOKKU SUPERBOY) and FTV can not act that crying until the eyes swell so .. But in this movie in one minute instantly crying .. Maybe the shooting is like really loose character Genuine Susan Sameh, “he explained.

Starting from the success of getting the lead role, Susan ready career in the entertainment world homeland. “Insha Allah is ready, from the beginning I told mamma emang want to plunge into entertaint world, I always want to be the main actor in the movie first.After this movie I just shoot to the soap operas and FTV,” he said.
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Source: Kapanlagi.com