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Adu Nyali

Elroy finds out Yusuf likes his girlfriend named Winda. Elroy is annoyed at Joseph, so are the days of Joseph who are full of geeks with bully from Elroy and his friends. Naomi who knows it wants to defend Joseph from bullying by Elroy and his two friends Widodo and Aji, by inviting Yusuf to join the beach with Elroy and his friends…

Buyung Upik

Buyung and Upik are a pair of brothers. Buyung is 8 years old and Upik 7 years old. The Buyung and Upik families wander from Padang to Jakarta. They live in a village called Dusun Koplak….

Saya Terima Nikahnya

I Accept Her Nikah is a sitcom program that tells about the life of a newly married couple who lives in her in-laws house. They will face various problems of daily life between the in-laws and the attractive daughters to be lifted in different styles….

Rumah Gagak

Gea vent Kevin who is none other than gea’s boyfriend about his desire to save money. Kevin suggested Gea to rent a house with his friends, Santi, Tari and Rena. Santi who also happens to be looking for a contract to approve the idea of ​​Gea and Kevin. Incidentally Santi has gotten a big contract home but cheap somewhere….


Alana was found dead.
One school was in awe when it got news that Alana, the most schoolgirl in school, was found in a pathetic condition in a field of weeds. Alana allegedly killed….